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But for most graduate writers, writing is being hampered primarily by the challenge of sorting out what they think or what they think they should think or what others think or what their supervisor thinks about what they think.

Are you writing to share your musings on life, the universe and everything, or a specific theme or topic? Official sources in the Betsy DeVos case would include court filings, press releases, public statements, etc. When examining current events, however, peer reviewed studies are rarely available nor are books on the subject.

Posts Are Not Articles. This is a perfect use of collaborate writing technology. Discussions about scholarly blogging most often centre on the need for we academics to write in ways that attract new audiences.

In casual blogging, these elements may stand without much commentary. The images and any other media need to be part of a discussion. This introduces the position the White House and DeVos surrounding the issue and cites related sources. If you are writing about ongoing research which is not yet published or patented, then be mindful of the dangers of prematurely revealing details of potential inventions or intellectual property.

Blog posts need to have the same sense of focus that a formal paper has, yet do so in very few words. When researching an academic subject, starting with general information and then looking for specific information is the best strategy.

Reference De Certeau, M The practice of everyday life. In the case of the former, it should provide a balanced overview of what is known and unknown about the subject. He also uses the graphic to establish a lighthearted mood.

This means that while a Washington Post article, researched by a reporter, may be a good source, and editorial or opinion piece in the same paper does not have the same value.

They cluster them at the start or end, and this robs the visuals of rhetorical power. From these four cursory sources, the following information about the subject can be derived: Blogging requires you to be concise Because most blogs are relatively short, bloggers need to make their point economically.

A blog post is the ideal place to talk about one thing. Using this new font, try writing something like this: In other words, you can take a position even if what is known does not support it.

There are already plenty of onerous tasks for an academic; this should not become one of them. Though I blog for both non-academic and academic audiences, I offer this advice based on posts from my blogs that have garnered the most positive comments. There are many ways to accomplish this.

The variant font will remind you that your eventual reader need never see these ruminations, thus lessening your own reticence. What, then, makes a great blog that provides academic content for an academic audience? The placement of the image, often at the start of a post, is fine.

The answer to that question is almost always no. The nature of the Betsy DeVos lawsuits demonstrate the contentious political climate of the United States and attempts to address partisan tactics related to education funding.

Not writing has little-to-no curative power, in my experience. Too often student writers ramble when given an informal topic. Do NOT save sourcing or citing for later.

Academic blogging – 10 top tips

Like any other craft, writing needs to be practiced and blog posts are good sites to do so. Blogs enhance impact, they are a medium for public engagement. Blogging helps you to get to the point The blog post is a small text, not an extended essay.Effective Academic Blogging by Joe Essid, Writing Center Director (printable version here)Blogs provide an excellent forum, when used well, for informal writing and feedback from peers and faculty.

Academic blogging is a valuable part of the wider ecology of scholarship, with the potential for engagement, outreach and reinforcing academic mint-body.comgh our background is in science, we hope.

Top 100 Writing Blogs, Websites & Newsletters for Authors in 2018

My blogs, for example, always get a lot more traffic when I write about strategies for academic writing. This blogging post on the other hand is likely to be one of the less popular and may well appeal to different people than those who want to know how to approach, say, reviewing literatures.

Blogs are known for their casual writing and unpredictable subject material, but the best blogs have proven that — regardless of punctuation and spelling — even “novice” writers can be entertaining enough to attract a broad audience. Another resource for kid blogs is, a website for kids under 13, parents, and/or teachers interested in blogging as an educational tool.

Watch her free videos on b logging here. Examples of Kid Blogs. Writing Personal Statement is not as Difficult as It May Appear at First Glance To write a personal statement appears to be a super complicated task for a majority of students.

We understand your concerns.

Academic writing blogs for kids
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