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The line graph delineates the proportion of male and female employees in three different sectors in Australia between and However, this is just a suggestion, not a requirement. The chart gives information about consumer expenditures on six products in four countries namely Germany, Italy, Britain and France.

Your introduction should be quite impressive as it makes the first impression to the examiner. Generally speaking, citizens in the USA had a far better life standard than that of remaining countries. Getting back to the details Overall, the leisure hours enjoyed by males, regardless of their employment status, was much higher than that of women.

However, government cannot ignore its obligation in improving their medical system as well as assisting the already ill patients to cover their medical fees. The supplied bar graph compares the number of male and female graduates in three developing countries while the table data presents the overall literacy rate in these countries.

In conclusion, raising the level of public awareness is more important, but government cannot neglect its concern on the supply of medical treatment for those currently being ill.

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Vocabulary to show the changes: Unless you have a really good reason to write the general trend in the second paragraph, try to write them both in the first paragraph.

You can combine the lesson with some IELTS speaking practice Part 1, 2 and 3 especiallyand practice and receive advice on the listening and reading sections.

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It either makes or breaks your overall score. Will the teacher give me a score for each essay? In general, the employment opportunities increased till and then declined throughout the next decade.

Generally speaking, more men were engaged in managerial positions in than that of women in New York in this year. It could be noticed that As an overall trend, the number of crimes reported increased fairly rapidly until the mid-seventies, remained constant for five years and finally, dropped to 20 cases a week after The given pie charts represent the proportion of male and female employees in 6 broad categories, dividing into manual and non-manual occupations in Australia, between and The bar graph and the table data depict the water consumption in different sectors in five regions.

What needed is budget on conveying messages on the mass media like television, newspapers or conducting various workshops to share advice and experience to the public.

It is apparently seen that If you do do, you would be penalised. Exercises specifically for the weak points in your writing You can ask as many questions as you like. Now, turning to the details As can be seen, the highest number of passengers used the London Underground station at 8: For example, instead of consuming too much fast food on a daily basis, teenagers or busy workers will therefore choose more nutritious foods or try to cook by themselves, which can prevent the high incidence of obesity, diabetes and other fatal diseases.

As can be seen in the The table data clearly shows that The diagram shows employment rates among adults in four European countries from to For example, "The two pie charts and the column graph in combination depicts a picture of the crime in Australia from to and the percentages of young offenders during this period.

It could be plainly viewed that Never copy word for word from the question.

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It is explicitly observed thatThe best place to download IELTS WRITING SAMPLES (PDF) and other highly selected IELTS materials free, quickly and easily. IELTS WRITING SAMPLES is one of the best Practice Books for IELTS General and Academic Writing. – More than 70 IELTS Writing Task 1 and – More than IELTS Writing Task 2.

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Task 2 Essay Writing for the Academic and General Test This book is updated in It includes step-by-step instructions for Task 1 and 2 of the Academic and General IELTS test and it also comes with an offer for a free correction and feedback of a writing task.

During a Skype lesson the IELTS teacher will share their screen with you and make corrections to your essay live. They will explain your mistakes and show you exactly what you need to do to increase your band score.

This is a unique time for you to receive expert feedback and get detailed guidance and support to help you improve your writing. Skype instructions vocabulary. January 18, By Paivi.

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Rate this list: Activities for this list: Vocabulary Jam Sending an email will invite the selected friends to download and install Skype so you can call, video call and instant message each other.

Specifically, Building Academic Vocabulary will help students develop lexical precision as they work in such often exercised modes as cause-effect, general description, description of processes, or comparison/contrast. Moreover, each unit focuses on key vocabulary items within a certain essential meaning area.

Do you need to practice English via Skype? Here, at Preply, you can find tutors at reasonable prices and improve your language skills whenever you need it. Learn English by Skype with Preply I specialise in SPEAKING and WRITING, focusing primarily on communication and fluency. A good vocabulary is the building block of /10().

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