An investment decision between amp limited

Active management The Future Directions Funds use dynamic asset allocation, an approach which aims to achieve growth with smoother returns by negotiating the ups and downs of the market.

Although this may seem somewhat simplistic, these assumptions are essential to allow the simulator to demonstrate the effect of things you may be able to control. To set up a direct debit, complete a direct debit authority formwhich is available from your adviser, and then simply choose weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly or quarterly payments.

The lower co-contribution threshold is assumed to increase in line with the assumed level of general wage inflation in each projection year.

Any LISC payable is added to your projected superannuation account on 30 June in the respective projection year. We actively seek who we believe to be high quality investment managers, many of whom actively manage their underlying portfolios.

It is assumed you have no reportable fringe benefits. Prepared to accept higher volatility and moderate risks, your primary concern is to accumulate assets over the medium to long term. The negative effects of inflation will not concern you, provided your initial investment is protected.

AMP Shareholder Class Action

Take a look at the descriptions below to see what best fits your profile or use our multiple choice tool to help you get started. It is assumed you will have reached your preservation age or will have met a relevant condition of release as at your nominated retirement age.

We believe alternative investments such as infrastructure, absolute return strategies and private equity perform well at different times to mainstream asset classes such as equities and fixed income, making them attractive to investors looking for portfolio diversification.

Centrelink It is assumed you are eligible for the Age Pension from qualifying age, subject to the income and assets tests. You can obtain further information about these from your adviser. Retirement It is assumed you will retire at the end of the financial year in which you reach your nominated retirement age.

It is intended as an educational tool, helping you see whether an estimate of your projected superannuation at your chosen retirement age could pay for the levels of retirement lifestyle expenditure that you have chosen from the available expenditure categories e.

In line with legislation as at 1 Julyit is assumed that the LISC will not be payable in respect of concessional contributions made on or after 1 July A broad range of asset classes The Future Directions Funds invest in a range of asset classes with the aim of enhancing diversification and improving risk-adjusted returns.

For further information about this class action, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Investors should, before making any investment decisions, consider the appropriateness of this information, and seek professional advice, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs. In each case, your co-contribution eligibility is assessed by comparing your calculated assessable income amount plus salary sacrifice contributions in the relevant year to the estimated co-contribution thresholds in that year, and applying the standard rules for calculating the co-contribution.

AMP Ltd may have also engaged in making false or misleading statements, dishonest conduct and misleading or deceptive conduct pursuant to ssE, G and H of the Corporations Act. We do not guarantee that you will achieve the results nor are they a reliable forecast or an estimate.

Give the completed form and cheque to your adviser or send them to us. Typically an investor seeking to protect the wealth that you have accumulated, you may be prepared to consider a lower proportion of growth assets.

You may also move to a lower or higher paying role or even change careers. You should check your preservation age before using the calculator. What type of investor are you? The comparison between your projected superannuation balance and the lifestyle expenditure you choose for retirement is based on low, medium and high levels of average actual expenditure of over 65 year olds from recent ABS survey data, and has been derived as per the assumptions outlined in this simulator.

No fees are payable for withdrawals.

Purpose and limitations

It is assumed your and your partner if "partnered" pension account balance is included in the assets test. Switches between funds can also be made.

This was following admissions made by executives of AMP at the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry that the company had misled the corporate regulator ASIC up to 20 times and made the deliberate decision to charge clients for services that it in fact did not provide.

If the calculated excess contribution is concessional, an additional non-concessional contribution is assumed to be made so that your calculated take-home pay is the same as would have been the case if the full calculated excess concessional contribution had been made. For the purpose of calculating taxation on pension withdrawals before age 60, the pension is assumed to commence after 1 July and hence the proportioning rule applies which divides the pension income into a tax-free and taxable component.

The amount you get will depend on: It is assumed you meet the other LISC eligibility criteria. In assessing your income for the income test, the Work Bonus is assumed to apply to salary income.

We have had to make a number of assumptions to provide you with the results of the simulator. Any contributions entered by you both employer and personal contributions are assumed to increase in each projection year in line with your salary.

Any co-contribution payable is added to your projected superannuation account on 30 June in the respective projection year. Where a calculated contribution amount exceeds the relevant contribution limit, the assumed contribution is reduced to that limit to ensure the contribution is not excessive. Security of capital is secondary to the potential for wealth accumulation.

Regular contributions are assumed to be spread evenly across each projection year on a monthly basis and are to be paid until your intended retirement age.

Future Directions Balanced Fund

It is assumed that any pensions commence on or after 1 Januaryand that the assumed income from the account based pension for purposes of the income test is based on the standard deeming rules.AMP Wealth Management New Zealand Limited (AMP) is the issuer and manager of the AMP Investment Trust (the ‘Scheme’).

The Supervisor is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited. The What's My Number simulator is issued by AMP Life Limited, ABN 84AFS Licence No.

("AMP Life"). Neither AMP Life nor any of its related companies are liable (whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise) for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special loss or damage arising out of or in. AMP Investment Management (N.Z.) Limited has prepared this document in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMC Act).

You can also seek advice from a financial adviser to help you to make an investment decision. The investment option referred to in this publication is available through products issued by AMP Superannuation Limited ABN 31AFSL No.

(ASL) and/or AMP Life. Before deciding to invest or make a decision about the investment options, you should read the current Product Disclosure Statement for the. AMP Investment Management (N.Z.) Limited (FSP) is the manager and issuer of the various AMP Capital Investment Funds offered through this website.

Product Disclosure Statements for the funds are available and can be obtained from the Pricing and Performance page. Hydropower Asset Management Partnership (hydroAMP) Objectives and investment decision-making. Assessment of equipment condition supports: and limited resources. Options are: • Use the Condition Indices to prioritize, rank, and sort equipment needs to .

An investment decision between amp limited
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