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Worms should not be in direct sunlight. Interaction of Earthworm with Mankind: Some earthworms are able to eat their own weight each day. The mucus on the body helps the worm travel through their burrow smoothly.


Parietal layer of Coelomic Peritoneum or Parietal Peritoneum: The exchange gases though their skin and eliminates cellular waste and excess water through excretory tubules called nephridia.

The worms separate and form cocoons; the cocoon moves forward, picking up eggs at the 14th segment; at the 9th and 10th segments it picks up the sperm deposited by the other earthworm. The soil then passes through a tubelike esophagus to a temporary storage called a crop, and from there to the gizzard.

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Mouth is situated in the first segment peristomium. The animals which live in burrows are called fossorial animals. They open to outside through the spermathecal apertures situated ventrolatorally in the successive grooves separating the above mentioned segments. This event is very dangerous during the day because earthworms can die when exposed to UV sunlight, be stepped on or even be eaten by a bird.

The bristles help the earthworm hold its ground when trying to be pulled from its burrow. It consists of alimentary canal Fig. They are analogous to red bone marrow of vertebrates. There are three pairs of ducts which run forwards. After copulation two earthworms separate. They secrete a digestive fluid which contains amylolytic type of enzyme which is transferred to the lumen of the intestine.

Nephridia are ectodermal in origin. When it rains many earthworms come to the surface, because water can block the air through the skin, which causes them to suffocate.

It consists of an outer layer of circular muscles and an inner layer of longitudinal muscles. It extends from 15th to the 26th segment.The earthworm brain is a bilobed mass lying above the pharynx in the third body segment.

Sensory nerves leave the brain and run forward into the prostomium (extreme anterior end) and first segment. The brain of the active, predatory.

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Read this Science Essay and over 88, other research documents. Worms. Worms Earthworm Dissection Purpose: Earthworms, also known as night crawlers are in the phylum Annelida. To learn more about an /5(1). Biology term papers (paper ) on Earthworms: EARTHWORMS Earthworms are classified as Annelida. Annelida mean little rings which refers to the many segments in their body.

The structu. Term paper In this essay about the adaptations of the earthworm I will discuss very briefly general adaptations that earthworms have for survival. By the shape of the earthworms body being cylindrical it is a very good shape for digging tunnels into the ground, the pointed chaetae also help by providing a source of anchorage and also a levering action to 3/5(2).

The relationship between three different levels of fertilizer treatment and four different levels of moisture treatment as they relate to the changes in the body mass of earthworms was examined with a split-plot factorial ANOVA, where fertilizer was a between group factor, and moisture content was a within group factor.

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Body mass of earthworms essay
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