Case analysis of rin detergent to position or reposition

Measures of dispersion The mean, median, and mode are all measures of central tendency. Target customers were mainly housewives, bachelors and others who are using detergents.


A further refinement of this type of research is that the results obtained from the research should be relevant. Available in g and g pack sizes, this brand has done exceptionally well. Seen in research context, action research is aimed at a specific problem recognizable in practice, and of which the outcome problem solving is immediately applicable in practice.

Components Detergents, especially those made for use with water, often include different components such as: Market penetration is the percentage of consumers havmg bought at least one umt of the bmnd in the past yea r.

Mylan site receives US FDA 483, commits to ‘robust improvement plan’

In OctoberAriel launched their new Excel Gel product which can be used in temperatures as low as 15 degrees celsius. Think about the kind ofmessage thai the global investment community will hear: But a cut in price is the last resort in a price war.

Product developers spent a year in the lab before finding the right formula. The following example holds validity for the latter: The main advantages of the mode are that it is unaffected by one or two extreme scores, and that it is the easiest measure of central tendency to work out.

Second is the smell of the detergent consumers often associate a strong, pleasant smell with softening power and gentleness to fabric and hands. HLL test marketed Surf between and and began manufacturing it from At what cannibalization rate percentage of new sales coming from other Unilever brands would Unilever start losing money?

They are often used as the prelude to quantitative research in order to identify determinants, and develop quantitative research designs. Executives wanted to show that dirt is always present, though often invisible.

RIN Detergent: To Position or Reposition Case Solution & Answer

You are asked to answer the following questions: It was observed that dissemination of information about a particular product was necessary since it enabled the public to evaluate its options.

Keep in mind that cost and data quality will be directly impacted by the method you choose. If an ad is created or distributed at the request or suggestion of a candidate or her staff, it can accordingly be considered a coordinated communication.

Marketing executives make frequent two-day visits to low-income areas. In focus groups, a moderator uses a scripted series of questions or topics to lead a discussion among a group of people.

To be a global business and to have a global market share, you have to participate in all segments. Nevertheless, focus groups and interviews yield valuable insights into customer attitudes and are excellent ways to uncover issues related to new products or service development. Introduction to Project Detergent Detergent is a material intended to assist cleaning.

To find the role of packaging in the purchase behavior of a product- quantity. Owned by ASA s: One reinforced a prevailing consumer habit, that of using soap for hair and body wash.

The first commercially available detergent taking advantage of those observations was Nekal, sold in Germany into alleviate World War I soap shortages. It enables the researcher to investigate a specific problem that exists in practice.

What is to be done with the raw scores? In all, Ogilvy coordinated two-hour performances at 2, haats over six months. GolNo Go Decision Robert Davidson bad heard these arguments over and over, yet he was still undecided.

The only difference is that they do not receive the same treatment Landman Testing can include the entire questionnaire or only a particular portion of it. The supplier correctly diagnosed the pricing move as predatory and elected to do two things: To support its decision, the Court referred to a host of Supreme Court decisions on various aspects of the issue.

The greatest limitation is that the mode tends to be unreliable. She takes a sari out of a bucket and beats it against a stone slab to push out the dirt.Aller three successful years in the Personal Care division of Unilever in Pakistan, Lacrcio Cardoso was contemplating an attractive leadership position in China when he received a phone call from the head of Unilever’s Home Care division in Brazil, his native country.

Justice took the position that Harber’s $, ad buy on Perkins’ behalf with the outside group’s money was an obvious case of coordinated communication. Harber pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 months in prison.

Sidebar: The Strategy and Marketing Agenda

Rin detergent case analysis group 10 1. RIN Detergent – To Position or Reposition PGHR ‘09 - Group 10 2. Agenda The Situation 1 Alternatives in Hand 2 Evaluating the Alternatives in Hand 3 What we feel 4.


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Awareness of Rin Shakti, a moderately priced detergent bar and powder brand, increased from 28% to 36%, a company spokesman says. And in all five states, sales of Surf Excel, a premium washing detergent, shot up in the first half of compared withwhile sales of Rin shot up in four states.

Case analysis of rin detergent to position or reposition
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