Duties of a prefect in a school essay

Look after the overall activities of the school.

Rules, Roles & Responsibilities of the Prefects Board

I am at school early in the morning because I have to check school bags of students before they enter the premises. Successful aspirants are given four days to campaign in all classes and also present their manifesto to the student body on the fifth day.

Counsel and guide the peers in positive discipline. Senior Prefects In addition to the duties of a Prefect, a Senior Prefect is also responsible for the following duties: Maintain collaboration among Prefects.

The Junior Prefect and the Senior Prefect. Prefects are generally not allowed to use any kind of physical force, but can confront law-breaking students and issue ultimatums.

When the school ends the all children must be sent out from the school gate according to a line. Maintain a perfect behavioural record. Prefects may be the ones to announce changes in rules or exam times, or to pass on information to new students regarding regulations and procedures.

Students vying to be prefects must be in form two and must be nominated by their colleagues.

School Prefect

In the absence of the School Captain, discharge his duties as the acting School Captain. K Aggrey, vying for the post of the high office of the senior prefect of this humble institution.

What Are the Duties of a School Prefect? Liaison Students are often more at ease speaking to a fellow student about their problems than with a teacher or administrator.

Overall, prefects are exemplary students who are good role models and assist in keeping order in the school. I want to take on the role of prefect so that I can continue in this tradition and use my talents and time to create the perfect school for anyone.

Maintain an excellent attendance record. The electoral committee made up of the assistant headmaster and three other teachers vet the nominated candidates. Maintain a good academic record B average minimum.

What Are the Qualities of a School Prefect?

Vote and vote wisely, for your vote is your power. I also have to maintain discipline among the school boys of different classes I like the respect they show me. Captain Act as a bridge between principals, teachers and students.

The main duty of prefects is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity in the School. Each and every student should know that I am on their side and promise to make school as great as it can be for them. Now to my dear juniors who have been in a state of melancholy for so long a time due to ill-treatments and injustice meted out to them by others in the crack of a whip, crackling of wood and creak of a hinge, put on broad smiles, for the days of your doom are over Vote for Busumburu Kobina Kwegyir Aggrey for your vote is your power which will catapult me into unleashing my fabulous policies, which will drive the whole populace of the land of great Mayflower through a transitional state of positive change.

What Are the Duties of a School Prefect?

I want this experience to further enhance my life and my experience, but I also want to share what I have to offer with other students. I am easy to talk to and promise to take each issue seriously so that students feel heard and understood, no matter what they might be facing.

They assist in all school activities, maintain discipline among the school children. Information Officer Prefects are often used to pass on information to the students, both formally and informally.

Be willing to take on extra responsibility. Once again, listen to the cry of your humble servant Kobina Ebo. It is the duty of a Junior Prefect to help in the organization of the any school activity, like sport meet, Prize Giving, English Day etc.Prefect essaysI am writing to apply to become a senior prefect, as I believe I would be an ideal representative of the school and a good role model to those younger than me.

I recently proved myself to be a good leader in the Careers in Construction challenge, when I took charge of my group, which Save your essays here so you can locate.

One of such prefects who play a major role in the school is the boys’ prefect.

Persuasive Speech: I Should Be the Next School Prefect

This is the reason why I want to take up this responsibility demanding position. Ladies and gentlemen, the voting is in your hands and it is your own decision.

I would like to become a prefect as I see this is a great opportunity to contribute back to the school. I believe I have the qualities required for a prefect as I am responsible, reliable and am prepared to carry out various duties to the best of my ability.

Responsibilities as a head prefect The only thing that varies a head prefect from a prefect is their duty scope. Other than handling disciplinary problem among the school students, a head prefect is also responsible in leading the entire prefectorial board.

Prefects are a common component of the British school system and act as an extension of the school administration. They help enforce rules as well as a liaison between the student body and the.

Qualities Of A Good Prefect Essay 3 Ways to Be a Good Prefect – wikiHow To be a good prefect, it's important to remember that your It enhances your leadership qualities and helps you become a stronger and a more responsible What are the qualities of a school prefect? | mint-body.com A good school prefect possesses sound morals.

Duties of a prefect in a school essay
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