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It was at that remarkable moment here in Milan, in the early 16th century, that these two friends —Breughel and Borromeo — got it right for all time.

We all cohabit; we must collaborate. Michael Charles Tobias www. The problem with this optimistic upwards graph is that so many of these areas are basically grey Eco 325 essays The power of unconditional love, when tapped, unleashed, freed from the myriad of constraints of fear, torment, poverty, suffering, gender oppression, racism, violence in every form known to humankind — is the most potent and pure form of energy known to cognition, to habitat, to the future of life.

Stewardship is different than anything having to do with the ego. On how much biodiversity is covered in Europe by national protected areas and by the Natura network: Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles,pp.

That is the equivalent of about two trillion individual fish, or, the weight of the entire human population at the beginning of the 20th century. To conclude, how fitting to engage in this meaningful and loving endeavor in a city such as Milan. And it also the one globally urgent requirement asked at this time of our humanity.

But its true powers lie in its collective humility. After all, at the height of the Western artistic and philosophical Renaissance, as technical as it was emotional, as global as it was personal, we had the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Il Moro Sforza, welcoming one of the most important painters — and painters of nature — of all time — for 17 formative years to this glorious city.

There in the right center, between a stag, a lion, two rabbits and a fox, a horse, a monkey, a peacock, a leopard, a cow, a kitten, and endlessly diverse others, is God whispering or speaking to Adam, both of them no larger in size than the dog or the lamb, also in the foreground.

About the Author Dr. One in six species are likely to go extinct in our generation.


Go see that painting, if you can, for in it is intimated all those tens-of-millions of species who share the neighborhood with us. Today, Italy is boldly extending humanitarian assistance to the tragedy inflicted upon tens-of-thousands of individuals risking their lives in the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

Rewilding everyday steps, equivalent to loving thy neighbor, that are guided by all those universally relevant ethical dispositions Homo sapiens have demonstrated or shown the capacity towards, since the earliest articulation of the ideal of reunion.

That grass is abstracting precious fresh or grey water in the meantime. Imagine a condition of billions of such aspiring migrants? Goldman 27 May This Eco News Network Eco Essay, Embracing Coexistence by Michael Charles Tobias, PhD, is based on his speech at the Milan Expo on June 6th.

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Eco 325 essays
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