Enrolment system of psu lingayen

For years, this system has been employed and has indeed been a tedious process on the part of the students as well as the staff in Enrolment system of psu lingayen of enrollment.

Specifically, the following statements will determine and describe: Some related literatures regarding the study were also looked into and adopted some of these in creating the new system. Current System The existing processes are shown on figure A.

It refers to the proposed computerized enrollment system for Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus. It may note in existing enrollment system that the student must follow several steps to get enrolled. Manipulating a database includes such function as querying the database to retrieve specific data, updating the database to reflect changes in the mini world, and generating reports from the data.

Enrolment System of Psu – Lingayen

Designing a database considers several important phase to pass through data definition, data refinement, and establishing relationship. Related literature Nowadays the computer is one of the most efficient IT machines being used in every schools, offices, factories, and even households that society need to make work easier and faster.

The proponents researched about some helpful topics and codes which may help them in designing the system as well.

Pangasinan State University – Lingayen Campus

Context Data Flow Diagram The objective is to create a data flow model of the proposed system. Student registration is the first laborious task in the enrollment system. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Background of the Study Computers are almost indispensable to most industries especially if it deals with voluminous records.

Important functions of the database system include the ability to locate and access any item in the database, to sort the data records into a desired order, and to link database files. In addition, they also obtained some suggestions and supplement which may help them in processing enrollment and upgrading the system.

Enrollment Status

As stated by Philipp J. In addition, some features which allows student to scan registration form, students enrolled, offered subject, schedule viewer, printing queue are included.

The context diagram illustrates that it consists of several steps which provide the inputs into a system and receive outputs from the system. Theoretical Framework Implementation of computerized enrollment system will speed up the enrollment process.

The continued adoption of this usual manual enrollment system has caused numerous errors, unnecessary delays, and has ultimately made the entire enrollment system a slow process to contend considering the influx of students each year.

Next is to refine the initial list to form an accurate description that will be needed in the database. The last phase is to draw a relationship between the fields that can help to determine which fields are important from the not so important.

To provide quick access from needed data, and to process efficiently once located, databases have been derived for computer use. The system aimed to help the school clerk in storing student and personnel records to lessen the difficulties in searching, viewing, processing of records and regenerating reports.

Pangasinan State University

In school, it plays a vital role in student registration, class scheduling, and assessment of fees. It refers to the process of using technology to execute a task with less human action. A logical transaction, or simply, a transaction, is a user request to accomplish a single task.

Using database will lessen the time of work for students and hasten the work of personnel-in-charge. Campus Executive Officer or Department Head. Pangasinan State University Computerized Enrollment System is introduced to address this long-standing slow process of enrollment.

Scopes and Delimitation The EnrollmentAutomate will be used by the Departments heads or the officer — in — charge for registration or assessing students during the enrollment period.Welcome to PSU! Warmest Greetings! Welcome to Pangasinan State University, Region’s Premier University of Choice!

more Student Portal. Log in to Student Portal. Enrollment Status. In determining enrollment status (), Penn State includes all credit courses offered through resident instruction and continuing mint-body.comng with the fall semesterWorld Campus credit courses designated as technology based are also included in the determination of enrollment status.

The Pangasinan State University (PSU) Lingayen Campus is the main campus of Pangasinan State University. The College of Arts, Science and Technology in the Lingayen Campus is a result of the merger of two independent colleges in Lingayen namely the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Technology.

The Pangasinan State University established the Open University System in the latter part of the year It was formally launched at PSU-Lingayen in March with the presence of former Speaker Jose de Venecia, Jr. who was instrumental in the funding of the initial two years of operation of the system.

Enrollment. This refers to an act of recording the person’s information to the official record of Pangasinan State University. EnrollmentAutomate. It refers to the proposed computerized enrollment system for Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus.

Information. This refers to the collection of related data.

Enrollment Procedure

Technology. The Philippine education system adopted the concept of inclusive education. It is about providing increase of enrolment in PSU Lingayen Campus is 27% in SY22% in SY23% in the enrolment of Pangasinan State University-Lingayen Campus.

Pangasinan State Univesrity, being a public higher.

Enrolment system of psu lingayen
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