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The Thames is London. Tower Bridge appears significantly as a site of transition: This beauty arises, first, from three natural features: During the scene, the Nigerian migrant Johnny Fortune takes a cruise eastwards on a pleasure steamer with Muriel Macpherson, a local white girl with whom he has become involved, to see Greenwich Palace.

It is a cunning manoeuvre: Our national history is pockmarked with shameful episodes of immoral, indecent behavior, but we have always followed these epochs by a national repudiation. This allows Leiter to quite literally add an extra dimension to his photographs.

The boat passed underneath the bridge, and faces suddenly grew darker. For MacInnes, then, London is primarily a seascape rather than a landscape, and MacInnes turns to the Thames as a way of exposing the connections between the officious, monumental London beloved of tourist vistas to a number of subaltern influences which include international traffic of goods and people and the world of work and labour.

Their methods were more of a threat to our national security than the communist infiltrators they sought out. This strip is suspended between deep black bands - the lower bravely comprising the entire bottom half of the image and the upper interrupted by a rough band of crimson which forms the top quarter of the photograph.

Accessed on [date of access]. This was her first sight of Dockland, shut off from the inquisitive view on land by Brobdingnagian brick walls. Perhaps a recent arrival from Africa or the Caribbean, her hair is gathered in a pink headscarf, and she wears a garish pink overcoat against the cold.

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His representation of black Londoners is compromised by the imposition of his thoughts into their speech, so that it becomes problematic to argue that MacInnes is giving voice to those about whom he writes. The walkers are almost out of the picture by the time the shutter is tripped, just about to walk under or into?

The reference to Swift emphasises the almost fantastical spectacle she sees, while the sight of darkening faces perhaps points to in albeit unhappy Conradian terms other communities of Londoners who have arrived, like Johnny, from Nigeria and other African nations.

MacInnes also laments the failure of both still and moving photography to move beyond merely picturesque accounts of the capital Fieger is rather graciously exempted from this general trend, of course.

Penguin,pp. Yet MacInnes knows that such visions are, ultimately, dreams, and no matter how much he wishes to defend such reckless utopianism, its fragility must be admitted and mourned. Leiter is an accomplished painter as well as a photographer, and nowhere near as well-known as he deserves to be.

Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London, 1: What makes the picture though, for me, is the vertical black line which divides the band of red about two-thirds of the way along its length - possibly accidental, but probably a nod to Mondrian, who died in New York in 13 Photo-Essays [Erwin FIEGER] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Mit einem Vorwort von Helmut Gernsheim. Preface by Helmut Gernsheim.

‘Always turning’: Colin MacInnes’s Tour of the Thames

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June 4, The President continues to spin conspiracy theories with no evidence to support them. The latest, “greatest scandal of all time” suggested by the President is that President Obama (or Hillary, or FBI or whoever) had placed a “spy.

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