Fin 200 week 4 quiz

It is my hope that through this sharing, I am able to provide knowledge and information that enriches the outdoor experiences of my readership and helps nurture our sporting heritage and traditions. Pike Fishing Primer Ask most Northern Pike enthusiasts about ice fishing and you will hear a lot of stories about catching them early and late in the hard water season.

A live Sucker or Golden Shiner in the inch range will be an irresistible meal to an pound pike. I usually allow the fish to run until it stops. This is both unfortunate to angling traditionalists and exciting to those of us who simply like to catch monstrous sized fish.

When in pursuit of Pike, it is important to note that not all central Maine lakes are created equal. Drop the lure to the bottom, lift, drop and lift more times then hold it still. Once caught, Pike will try everything they can to break off and will quickly become entangled in rocks, branches, submerged trees and any other structure so they can to escape.

Spot and Stalk After selecting a promising location, start drilling holes, a lot of holes. Structure in deep water includes rock piles or steep drop offs.

Pike often hit the lure when it stops moving. Using modern electronics, like a flasher, can help find fish faster but anglers can still have great luck by simply being proactive in their drilling and jigging. To turn the odds in your favor, anglers need to first target lakes containing Pike.

Some lakes simply produce larger pike than others. I like to compare Pike fishing to deer hunting.

When done in unison, jigging and using tip-ups serve up a lethal combination of techniques that put Pike on the ice. This is when a pike typically swallow the bait. Often I let the lure sit for a couple seconds, then proceed to give it a slight twitch before jigging again. No matter what time of year, Pike are still ambush feeders.

By drilling only a few holes, anglers are waiting and wishing that a Pike will swim by their jig or bait. Vertical Spoons like the Swedish Pimple and Acme Kastmaster, are favorites and their performance can be improved by adding a piece of cut bait on one of the hooks, a killer combination.

Jig each hole for a maximum of minutes to actively locate fish. As soon as the line again begins to spool out, immediately set the hook. In shallow waters or in waters with a lot of underwater structure, it is better to simply set the line as fast as possible.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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COM Week 4 Quiz Paper Training and Quiz. COM Week 5 Final Paper Training and Quiz Answers.

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Fin 200 week 4 quiz
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