Great gatsby and citizen kane compare

Kane was a man who lost almost everything. Daisy, conscious of this stability, stays with what she feels secure, ignoring the bond she has formed with Jay. Both find a way to make the experience of enjoying the piece of art more meaningful and personal to the audience member, and both succeed in doing so within the means of the art form.

Great gatsby and citizen kane compare Kane and Gatsby are millionaires rich in money and nothing else. But eventually Daisy just goes back to Tom, the horrible man with money, and the two take off, leaving Gatsby staring at the green light at the end of the dock, knowing he will never attain that ideal he dreamed of with Daisy, and perhaps wondering if it was ever attainable at all.

This allows the viewer freedom in choosing what to look at, what is more important to them in the scene. Leland had a confrontation about the situation. Gatsby throws his incredibly lavish parties to attract Daisy. His efforts to benefit the lower-class citizens seem to create of compensate for his early childhood deprivations.

In her search, she realizes that Gatsby could fulfill her emotional emptiness. Americans dream of a successful marriage, family, successful job, and own a Victorian-style home with a white picket fence and an oak tree with a swing tire in the front yard. In the great Gatsby, the entire story is told through the supposedly un-opinionated perspective of a young New York newcomer, Nick Caraway.

But he has never been loved, and therefore does not know how to. He is seen as a magnificent high class personality figure with untouchable wealth and an enigmatic personal life.

But you want love on your own terms. Charles experienced a great deal of loss in his early childhood. Kane does the same thing. But the voters of this state… Charles has become more interested in the devotion of the people of New York than his wife, son, and friends. This is precisely the problem.

American Dream: Compare/Contrast Great Gatsby And Citizen Kane Essay

Kane had more money than he could count, power, a successful job, women at the crook of his arm, and expensive possessions some men would go to the extremes to have. But Charles replies, our home is here now… I do not wish to visit New York.

It is interesting, then, that in this personal style, we find two of the same characters; one might call them part of an archetype if they are brave. After his first loveless marriage, he spends millions upon millions of dollars building first an opera house for his second wife, an "aspiring" singer she is actually horrible and does not want to sing; he knows ithires a tutor for her voice, and when that fails after she forces herself into sickness to avoid singing, thus vanquishing his obsessiveness, Kane spends an even greater sum of money buying her a palace, which she hates.

Daisy knows she cannot have both. At the end of Citizen Kane, the journalists conclude that the mystery of "rosebud" is unsolvable And that crucial missing piece, which might have completed the picture, was love.

A Linking of Legends: The Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane

I love sharing this stuff with you guys because your feedback is most helpful. Gatsby could have anything and everything that could be bought. With this layer of irretrievable time and nostalgic narrators, the picture we get of each character is never truly complete and can never be truly complete.

The accessories add to the package according to the individuality of the American Dream. The Dream consists of a seemingly simple concept; success. This is exactly what Gatsby does to attract Daisy. It his the latter shameful act of neglect and lack of love that sends Kane into his lifelong sense of emptiness and longing for the loving childhood he never had.

His true intentions, however, lie in the fact that he only wants people to love him so that he can better camouflage his own insecurities. Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.

Charles chose to stick by the people of New York instead of his wife and son because the vast populous lead to more love for Charles.Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane compare and contrast Essay examples Words | 3 Pages The Great Gatsby & Citizen Kane " You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

Charles Foster Kane Most of us read The Great Gatsby in our junior English class. Both Gatsby and Citizen Kane, produced about twenty years apart, focus on a. Examines the internal similarities between the motion pictures 'Citizen Kane' and 'The Great Gatsby.' Sources to which the similarities are attributed; Possible precursors of 'Citizen Kane' in theme or mode of narration; Thematic unities in the works; Information on the films' central characters.

Jun 02,  · The Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane It is no small statement, yet at the same time no stretch, that the Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane can be the undisputed kings of their respectful American media; less so for their stature (which is monumental but in the case of the Great Gatsby, not totally dominant) in their media but rather for their nature.

The Great Gatsby & Citizen Kane " You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. "- James Allen The Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane are both classic American stories about the so called “American Dream”. The Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane are both stories with similar plots and characters.

Gatsby and Kane share a flawed human character, tremendous wealth, and the longing for human compassion and love but have completely different reservations.

Great gatsby and citizen kane compare
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