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So, I had to get very creative with our school lessons. She has a few of these, at home, at school, in her pencil case. A great little tool!

The Pencil Grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. This is why the popular curriculum Handwriting Without Tears uses their own brand of short pencilshowever, golf pencils work just fine, too. I write for a little while and then she writes for a little while.

He was getting upset at school as his teachers and peers were commenting on how he was holding his pencil. Tweet 15K Shares I was thinking about how we taught our daughter who has Autism to use a pencil and honestly, I cannot take the credit.

3 tricks to help kids learn to hold their pencil correctly

So much so that his handi writer writing aid pencil school teacher immediately bought more for other children in her class! Seriously… what would she learn if I pushed so hard there was a tantrum and tears? These work together to encourage a perfect grip and writing style without even trying!

The family is incredibly grateful to the millions of parents, teachers, and therapists who have put their trust in their products. For fine motor resources you can legally download to your computer or print for your own use, check out these helpful e-books from OT Mom Learning Activities, packed with practical, ready-to-use activity ideas affiliate links included for your convenience, disclosure here: Both her and her mother were amazed by the difference it made.

I now need a larger size for my left-handed husband! Invented in by Dr. These two fingers are supposed to bend toward the palm while the thumb, index, and middle fingers do all the work. I bought them one each and we had instant improvement in grip and letter formation.

Writing becomes easy and natural. Great product - my 9 y. How To Use Slide the wider end of the grip on first. Use The Pencil Grip To: The tension strengthened her arms and wrists.

Vertical surfaces were important. This is definitely not a gimmick - it works really well. Two decades later, the company is still run by the Provdas. Lois Provda, a prominent educational therapist, The Pencil Grip became a family endeavor.

BIG but thin rubber band to place tug-of-war games. A shorter pencil means less space for cramming in unnecessary fingers. Have them hide something under their last two fingers.

Rolling pins were helpful too. It has really helped and given him confidence as he can see the results himself. Try using a small ball of playdough, cotton ball, marble, bead, crumpled piece of tissue paper, or tiny rubbery toy. We also had her use an art easel and would pin paper to the wall for her to color.

Fits on a variety of writing tools. Please note that I am not a therapist and have no official training.Learning to write and correctly position the fingers and hands is tough for little ones. Abilitations Handi-Writers make it easy!

Each has a flexible, soft wristband, a pencil loop, cord, and adorable dolphin charm. These 4 components together facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing or coloring tool in the hand.

Perfect choice for. The Writing Bird™ is a writing instrument that is ideal for people who are unable to hold a pen. The writing tool can be used with either the right or.


She started with a fairly bad writing style, holding the pencil in a "fist" grip and very vertical so she could not see what she was writing and smudged her work straight away. The first time she tried the Handi Writer, she immediately had a perfect writing position - her writing was hugely improved and she felt a lot more comfortable and it.

Abilitations Handi-Writer Writing Aid - Set of 12 - Assorted Colors. The Handi-Writer is a writing aid designed for use with children limited hand strength or inappropriate grasping patterns. This device loops over the wrist and over the writing implement to encourage the hand to form the tripod grip.

Pencil Positioning Products: The HandiWriter® and SportWriter are designed to facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool. They are recommended for use with children of any age who have inappropriate grasp patterns.

Handi writer writing aid pencil
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