Manufacturing and storage of khoa

Cow milk from crossbred HF x Sahiwal with lower solid level 3. Good quality paneer was also made from buffalo milk with lower levels of fat 3. Applications include gene analysis, graphics and IC emulation.

Roy and Singh reported that addition of 0. Changes in organoleptic quality: Paneer is also the Hindi name of Withania coagulans, a vegetable rennet that yields bitter curd. The higher the storage temperature the higher is the rate of evaporation. Sheep milk could be used to manufacture paneer which resembled buffalo milk paneer Kale et al.

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However, Chavan et al. Such additive helped in improving the organoleptic and textural properties of resultant paneer Kanawjia and Rizvi A combination of disodium phosphate and calcium chloride has been used in western countries for preparation of low-fat cheese. Additives Various types of food grade additives have been incorporated into the milk during paneer production in order to improve a few parameters such as yield, sensory characteristics and shelf life as well as to reduce the cost of production.

But the addition of such salts proved to be of no significance in paneer. The mould inhibitors can be sprayed on to the surface of the product or alternatively the packaging material can be treated with the chemical agent.

It increased the softness and elasticity of curd due to the formation of colloidal calcium phosphate Teknotext Therefore, khoa should not be contaminated with these pre-oxidant catalysts The ideal moisture Manufacturing conditions Sanitary conditions should be adopted at all stages of manufacture of khoa and its subsequent handling.


Packaging of khoa in aluminium cans and steaming them for 15 to 20 min will prevent the spoilage for few weeks. Hydrogenated vegetable oil and groundnut oil proved to be better than soya oil; the later product was unacceptable.

Some of the modifications recommended in the preparation of paneer are discussed in this review. The peroxide value increases due to oxidative spoilage during storage of khoa, particularly at ambient temperature.

Standardization also enables the manufacturer to conform to PFA requirements for paneer. It is popular throughout South Asia and used in the preparation of a number of several culinary preparations and snacks. Singh and Kanawjia recommended addition of 0.

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However, oxidation changes are caused by U. Cow or buffalo milk with fat levels lower than 3. In addition, paneer is a valuable source of fat, vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

Kradi cheeseā€”a semisoft dried cheese found in Jammu and Kashmir is quite similar to paneer Punoo et al. There is break down of milk protein in khoa as recorded by the increase in tyrosine value.Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of grain bins, grain dryers, material handling equipment and pre-engineered metal buildings.

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Paneer production: A review

Food manufacturing and storage includes selling your food to retailers, re-packing, shellfish dealers, salvage operations, grain storage facilities and industrial hemp. Dairy Products Technology (Dairy Technology) Student Handbook for Class XII Central Board of SeCondary eduCation, delhi defects during Manufacturing and storage of cream, Butter, ghee, Khoa, channa, Paneer 1 and Storage of Cream, Butter, Ghee, Khoa, Chhana and Paneer Cream objective.

Food manufacturing and storage

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In the present essay I had mentioned about various technologies available for manufacture and storage of khoa. INTRODUCTION According to the National Dairy Development Board, India the annual production of milk during the year is million tonnes.

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Manufacturing and storage of khoa
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