Multitouch gesture generation and recognition techniques

As described above with reference to FIGS. This might not be the case for a map region encompassing the entire surface of a planet, but might be the case for other types of maps, such as a map of a building, a city, or a fictional region that has boundaries.

A ROM can store static data and instructions that are used by processing unit s and other modules of electronic device Interaction Techniques The development of technology to support multi-touch screens has been matched with the development of multitouch and gesture based methods of interaction.

In some embodiments, panning can be implemented by moving a virtual camera in a plane parallel to the ground plane of the map without altering the orientation of the camera.

Examples of frictional modeling and related visual effects are also described in U. Early synthesizer and electronic instrument builders like Hugh Le Caine and Robert Moog experimented with using touch-sensitive capacitance sensors to control the sounds made by their instruments.

Otherwise, they will be considered as part of two distinct gestures. Zoom or magnification can also be constrained by maximum and minimum scale factors. A persistent storage device can be a non-volatile readable and writable memory unit that stores instructions and data even when computer system is powered down.

In some embodiments, the range of modification of the map can be limited.

A Survey on Multi-touch Gesture Recognition and Multi-touch Frameworks

Limiting the minimum tilt angle to zero can prevent the user from looking at the map region from below which can be an unrealistic or uninformative perspective. The recognition of continuous multi-touch gestures is a challenging problem because it requires spatially and temporally segmenting the input data into a sequence of temporally contiguous multi-touch gestures.

In some embodiments, a multi-control mode can include any combination of two or more modifications e. At blocka score can be calculated for each gesture in a predefined library of possible gestures.

Gesture-based tech: A future in education?

In some embodiments, a dot product of normalized vectors representing lines and can be calculated and a minimum threshold applied; e. The multi-touch gesture recognition engine MGRE reads input data from the multi-touch device and interprets them as multi-touch gestures.

It also increases the scope for accurate multi user interaction. Infrench start-up JazzMutant developed the Lemur Input Devicea music controller that became in the first commercial product to feature a proprietary transparent multi-touch screen, allowing direct, ten-finger manipulation on the display.

Panning with two or more contacts can be distinguished from other gestures based on various combinations of characteristics of the motion, including linearity, direction, and speed of motion.

In some embodiments, the map to be displayed is rendered, based on parameters defining the location and orientation of a virtual camera in 3D space.

Other techniques for defining and selecting a multi-control mode can also be used. There is a range of technology being leveraged to support multi-touch, and research into the new forms of user interaction it can offer.

In some embodiments, where the zoom operation is coordinated with the motion of the contacts, zooming in and out can be performed in response to a single gesture. In some embodiments, these criteria pertain to both the relative positions and motions of the contacts.

As described above with reference to FIG. A limit on the maximum tilt angle can be 90 degrees; in some embodiments, this limit is not applied. As another example, if the two or three or four, etc.

The benefits of this are that the multi touch interaction is very natural, and it inherently provides support for simultaneous multi user input. Simply put, it means that, while passing through a sequence of user inputs, a subset of input data will be extracted and tested against several gesture models to determine the likelihood of a gesture.

In one embodiment, the filtering technique is a two steps process, as illustrated in FIG. For example, contact a can be moved along arrow in FIG.


At blockprocess can select a manipulation mode based on the number and initial gestural motion of the contacts. If another gesture is recognized, then at blockprocess can execute an action associated with the gesture, which might or might not include modifying the image.

The mouse is a common form of input device. At blockthe scores associated with different gestures can be checked to determine if any single gesture has a score above a threshold.

In some embodiments, some or all processing units can be implemented using customized circuits, such as application-specific integrated circuits ASICs or field programmable gate arrays FPGAs. As noted above, the electronic device can automatically distinguish among various gestures that a user might make and select a manipulation mode, with subsequent motion being interpreted and the displayed image manipulated according to the selected mode until a gesture termination event occurs.

This can make the modifications appear to the user as natural movements. The block on the screen in Figure 7 itself does not trigger a touch event, as it is not conducting electricity. When the user touches the block a capacitive connection is created and the object registers as a touch.

The drawback of this approach is that the image on the table surface cannot significantly change in brightness or intensity over the time of use, or the reference image that is removed from the camera image will no longer be valid.Many of todays software development processes include model-driven engineering techniques.

They employ domain models, i.e. formal representations of knowledge about an application domain, to enable the automatic generation of parts of a software system.

Tools supporting model-driven engineering for. Gesture recognition technology is far more than using a Nintendo Wii to exercise-- game environments can, and are being developed, to promote activities that improve social skills, involves team.

The newest generation screens simultaneously support multiple users, multiple contact points per user, and gesture recognition. To the authors’ knowledge, this technology has never been applied to.

US8390577B2 - Continuous recognition of multi-touch gestures - Google Patents

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for processing multi-touch inputs. It provides a method for continuous recognition of multi-touch gestures performed by one or more users on at least one multi-touch input device.

The invention in one aspect allows users to start interacting with one multi-gesture and subsequently perform any other multi-touch. Gestures will originate from any bodily motion however normally originate from the face or hand and alternative human biometric gestures but the identification and recognition of posture, and human behaviours is additionally the topic of gesture recognition techniques.

Proton++: A Customizable Declarative Multitouch Framework gestures while retaining the automatic generation of recog-nizers and conflict detection capabilities of Proton. While Proton++ and Gesture Coder share a recognition approach, their interfaces for authoring gestures.

Multitouch gesture generation and recognition techniques
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