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The ones that were selected to live were dehumanized even more so. Unlock All Answers Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more, enjoy eNotes ad-free, and get the following: A woman is recognized as a woman for her hair.

After being voted into power as Chancellor of Germany inthe Nazis took control of the government.

If you look at the gas chambers now, you can still see the claw marks I visited Dachau and it was the most humbling experience in my life. This was the only food they ate during lunch hour and sometimes if they were lucky they would get dinner.

Inthey enacted the Nuremberg Laws, which practically strips the Jews and other undesirable groups of their German citizenship. The one thing that connects a man to his identity is his name. Here, the SS would select who would "live" and who would die.

Some prisoners were also used for human experimentation, especially twins. The SS originally had the Jews quartered into the ghettos, where they were crammed and isolated from the rest of the city, hoping that eventual starvation and disease would kill the Jews off.

They were treated as expendables. In some countries, they were rounded up and sent to mass grave sites where they were shot and killed.

Night dehumanization

Both men and women had their hair shaved. However, as terrible as this Nazi dehumanizing ways essay, they again thought that the process was too slow, so Himmler came up with the Final Solution to exterminate the Jewish race. The SS would lie and tell them that they are going to get deloused, so they are standing in these chambers naked.

Granted, there are instances of kindness, but almost never from the soldiers themselves. However, they thought that the process was too slow, so instead, they were shipped off to labor camps to be worked to death.

They were stripped naked in front of the soldiers, who treated them worse than animals, and deloused. To be forcefully stripped of your name is to lose everything that you hold. They would then be burned in the ovens. InKristallnacht, or "the Night of Broken Glass," occurred, when the Nazi soldiers vandalized Jewish homes, shops, and synagogues.

If you were unable to work, you would be killed. The Jews would be shipped in cattle cars packed full. Student Answers tacosrock13 Student One way they dehumanized was by striping the Jews of their identity. From here, they were sent off to other labor camps, where they were worked to death and fed rotten food filled with worms.The Holocaust refers to Nazi Germany’s systematic genocide (ethic cleaning) of various ethic, religion, national, and secular groups during the World War 11 starting in and continuing through out the The word Holocaust itself originally.

NIGHT ESSAY The Jews were dehumanized in many ways by the Nazi’s. Dehumanization is making humans feel like less than people. Three ways the Nazis dehumanized the Jews was by starvation, being treated like animals and, physical abuse.

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Nazi Dehumanizing Ways Everyone is different and that is what makes the world a wonderful place, at least one would think. But and German folks called Nazis discriminated against anyone that was different from them. Nazi Propaganda: Effective in Two Ways During Adolf Hitler’s reign over the Third Reich, Germany was virtually monopolized by a propaganda machine.

Propaganda was the tool by which nearly every facet of German life was dictated. During the Holocaust, The Nazi's employed numerous techniques of dehumanizing their captives which forced the Jews to endure treacherous conditions.

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One of these techniques is demonstrated in the way that the Jews were conveyed in cattle cars to the concentration camps.

Nazi dehumanizing ways essay
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