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We love our clients and are happy to help! This is a single pass by redpen editing services editor. Yet, as your submission deadline draws nearer, stress means that mistakes start to slip through.

I have redpen editing services an examiner, a student and a writer, so I know the difficulties and frustrations faced by all sides. Please contact redpen editing services for a quote on longer works. We request that work be sent in the following standard submission format: No work will begin without payment.

Should the edit not happen for any reason we will return the pre-payment to the author. Your ideas are good, your arguments sound. They may be spelling errors, mis-labelled examples, bibliographic inconsistencies or simply the odd split infinitive. A careful read through of the entire book looking for little errors that may have occurred during revisions, typos, and common errors such as missing or repeated words, and a search for consistency, hyphenation, capitalization, and often confused words.

If the scope or length of the project changes significantly from when the initial quote is given, the quote must be amended, and agreed upon by email.

I am also a PhD graduate University of London, and have worked as an undergraduate tutor. Please note that my heavier editing service is intended for practising academics and authors.

Every book we work with is posted about on our blog, added to our list of finished books, posted about and promoted on Facebook and Twitter, and a cover picture and buy link are placed on our Facebook page.

And I know for certain that well-edited, error-free writing will greatly improve the chances of your hard work getting the attention or grades it deserves. Full details of the editorial process are available here.

Now taking new clients for June, If you would like me to apply a heavier editorial touch to your document, then let me know and we can discuss your requirements. Copyright remains with the author. Contact us for a quote! If you let us know, we love to post cover reveals, awards and more!

They make your ideas harder to understand and your reader or examiner will notice every one. In all cases, please check with your supervisor before contacting me. Line edits and comments for first 3 chapters of a manuscript, query letter and synopsis 50 pages max, including the query and synopsissingle pass.

It is rarely appropriate for student work that is intended for formal assessment. This includes a single pass by an editor and a single pass by a secondary proofreader.

I offer proofreading and editorial services to students and academics of all disciplines: Final responsibility for the work remains with the author.

Your work will not be shared in any manner. Although we take great care with all editorial work, mistakes are possible through human error. I have worked as a professional editor in academic and reference publishing for more than a decade. Quotes for editorial work are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

If English is not your first language the problems are even greater. My standard proofreading service covers the following areas: All work is guaranteed confidential.

This may include, but is not limited to:Make your university life easier. Use our quality English proofreading & editing service for university students and academics. Submit 24/7 and days per year. Upload your text for an instant quote and submit when you’re ready!

We cannot be happier with our experience and would not hesitate to use her services again! Spencer Knibbe, Managing Partner My name is Caroline Wilson, and I am the creator, owner, and sole editor of /redpen.

Editing is my passion, business is my interest, and perfection is my vice. My red pen has always been an extension of my hand; now. Red Pen, Inc.

is a small business begun in to provide technical editing and writing services primarily to Department of Defense Contractors who require less than full-time support. We offer more than 20 years of editing and writing expertise in compliance with military standards in secret and top secret environments using state-of-the-art software.

Red Pen Editing Service.

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Professional editing services: I restructure and edit text to strengthen and clarify your message. I correct errors in grammar, spelling and usage.

I help get you the results you want by tailoring your documents to your audience. Contact me for your free consultation. Colorado, Karen Reddick, Editor, Grammar Tips, Editing, Proofreading, Writing, Services, Centennial, Colorado.

Redpen editing services
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