Reflective report on negotiation

Reflect on how your group prepared for, and worked through the different phases of the negotiation. The nine elements pattern, however, makes the superficial information correlative and it revealed to me the priority of the interests in a much clearer way.

And the internal communication and collaboration skills are quite important.

Each one in their team had a dedicated assignment. It is clear that I should use different tactics when I face different negotiation opponents. In my future study, I will pay more attention to the connotation of negotiation tactics and apply them more frequently and wisely.

As a principled bargainer I need to consider the continuous improvement and interests of the other party in order to maximize mutual gains.

Thus I think since I am a person very easily be influenced by others, if I want to get a better outcome in the future, I should let my partners know my expectation at the beginning of the negotiation.

What Reflective report on negotiation ignore is the sustainable development and so many influence tactics I can use. International institutions are also like coalitions that can mitigate tension and provide platforms for discussion.

The assignment must be in essay format not report format — this means complete sentences and paragraphs and NO dot points, headings or subheadings.

Overall, I like this team based negotiation experience very much. After the role play, it occurred to me that the communication speaking is the key point in a negotiation.

The purpose of conceptual literature generally in the social sciences is broadly twofold: Two people took care of the calculation while the other two people were responsible for the negotiation.

A single party may appeal for the interests of several parties. The key learning for me from this case is there are definitely many synergies when negotiate as a team. The social sciences technique of analysing involves more than just describing what happened.

Thus we quickly built up a model and provided several options to our counterparts with different terms but same net value of the final bargaining agreement to our team.

He proposed to approach this negotiation case from a very different angle: The interest-based negotiation theories, however, pointed out at least two methods to solve the dilemma with empathy.

From research to results, Melbourne: In the Harborco case, we planned not to disclose to the governor that our company had an alternative to seek a Western coastal line deep-water port opportunity instead of Eastern until the last round. Although we solved this case quite efficiently, I think I could do better and protect my own interest more in the discussion of how United and I would divide the funding.

Also, I learned from this case that I could be more aggressive in the negotiation. The first thing I learnt is how to upgrade my preparation skills. Your introduction must include your reflection analysis and a brief discussion of why you will argue this way in your essay.

The Harborco case tested my synthesized application of negotiations skills learnt in the class, and it worked.

Reflective Essay on Negotiation

My chosen tactics went well when I faced a weak leadership. Thus, there is always room for discussing options and sometimes compromise is necessary for the long-run benefits. And because I was in a team at that time, I felt more confortable because you knew you have a whole team to support you.

Sample Paper 2 - Negotiation

Thus, by setting this tone, our negotiation situation was more like a team based collaboration work to find the best interest for both sides instead of negotiating and fighting for better interest for different sides. The difference between options and BATNA lies in whether negotiators need the permission of their counterparts from other parties to implement alternatives.

From this case, the most meaningful learning for me is that I could think out of the box sometimes. Use the text as a resource to support your writings, but you must use other academic sources as well.

reflective essay of negotiation

I offered to replace the safety glasses to other kinds which have a clear-sight and easy to use. This increased my expected level of payment a lot.

Reflection of Role-Play Negotiation

Another advantage of coalitions is that ability to talk directly or indirectly to the party with conflicted interests, with the help of coalition members who have close relations and interacted interests with them.

Also this case reminds me that even in the real business world, the economic interest may not be the only thing you need to consider. Minimum of 7 academic sources required.This is an example of a final student paper from John Lande's Negotiation course at the University of Missouri School of Law.

The paper contains reflection from the student on her experience in a negotiation simulation. We had numerous negotiations during the course based in different settings and contexts.

Dozens of studies have examined the meaning and practice of. Negotiation Final Paper Prof. Lande December 6, Background The mediation went about as bad as I could have imagined.

Fred, my opposing counsel for the dispute, and I had worked for a couple weeks on a plan to guide our.

Negotiation reflection journal

Reflective Essay on Negotiation Participate in a role play activity on negotiation which involved three characters – a manager (Dale Williams) and two subordinates (Pat Taylor and Chris Johnson). During this activity, each role was required to utilise various influencing tactics to convince the other on why wearing safety glasses was necessary or unnecessary.

I played Chris Rudolph in this case, and did well in this negotiation by not only focusing on the final price, but also on the extra agreement of letting Lama provided high quality work to our company.

When we started the negotiation, I suggested us to divide the total price into two parts, the first [ ]. Negotiation is a fact of discuss a raise with our manager, we try to agree with a stranger on a price for his goods - Reflective Essay on Negotiation introduction.

Everyone negotiates something every day. This paper discusses my natural preferences for influencing tactics, my views on negotiation compared to my prior knowledge, my.

Reflective report on negotiation
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