Research paper on microfinance in ethiopia

In addition, the impact of microfinance on entrepreneurial development has not received adequate research attention in East Africa C.

For example, due to the development of small business many people find job and the problems of unemployment and poverty will gradually reduce.

Research Proposal on Microfinance Institutions

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At one extreme end are studies arguing that MFIs have a very beneficial impact to the women entrepreneurs Research paper on microfinance in ethiopia terms of economic empowerment Holcombe, and Hossain, Lack of access to credit was considered a major bottleneck for women entrepreneurial development according to a report released by the Central Bank of Kenya in In this respect, the government of Ethiopia has a firm belief in pivotal role of microfinance in poverty reduction.

Microfinance institutions are the institutions which provide novice businessmen with credits for the development of their business and it is useful to learn something new about the organization of these institutions. Most related studies have dealt much on the Microcredit as a sole MFI service with some positing that MFIs services have positive effect, others positing on negative effects while some positing on the moderate effects of MFIs on women economic empowerment, others post that there is more to economically empower the Women entrepreneurs by Microfinance Institutions than just Microcredit Carter and Shaw, Enjoy professional research proposal writing service!

The Government of Kenya G. Other elements of the theory include self-employment, business operation and economic empowerment. A greater role in domestic household generation of cash, Greater involvement in major expenditure decisions and generating cash savings, Ability to generate more income on their own and greater role in business decisions, Acquisition of more skills and expanding their network of friends and support system and Increased acquisition of assets.

The results were re-affirmed by a linear regression analysis SPSS version While Government and Non-Government Organizations NGOs have been putting in place a number of programmes and policies to promote women economic empowerment in developing economies, Kenya is still listed among the poorest countries in the world with a high level of women Entrepreneurs uneconomically empowered mainly characterized by unemployment, low savings, limited access to borrowings and no control of resources.

So, the issue is how we can create sustainable microfinance sector that can serve the poor on continuous basis and let the sector realize the very mission of poverty reduction and inclusive development.

Besides, the empirical evidence emerging from various studies on the effect of microfinance on women economic empowerment in developing economies performance have so far yielded mixed results that are inconclusive and contradictory Trachim, Due to the growth of small business the average financial background of the country will increase.

The concentration of industries in a particular location could also influence discovery of entrepreneurial opportunity by those in that location Shane, The effect of low economic empowerment amongst women entrepreneurs is so extreme in developing economies to an extent that Central Business Districts of major cities in developing economies experience slow growth due to low economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs despite them subscribing to MFIs.

This theoretical framework was as given by different scholars aiming at determining how microfinance affects various economic empowerment levels of women entrepreneurs. Although Women entrepreneurs have been subscribing to MFIs in the past one decade with the main aim of becoming economically empowered, little has turned positive to them Rogally, Lack of equal financial access is one of the biggest reasons for high income inequality which, in turn, leads to crime and political instability which hampers the processes of economic development.

Thus, the question is what the root causes of these all problems are? These days, those countries which have introduced microfinance into their policy domain have reduced income disparity substantially; meaning these countries have successfully reduced poverty Hisako Kai and Shigeyuki Hamori, Individual attributes affect discovery of entrepreneurial opportunity.

First of all they want to make money, so they provide only smart and perspective businessmen with credits; otherwise, they simply lose money, as the unsuccessful small business is under the big risk of failure. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all proposal details: Thus, microfinance is considered as one of the important tools for combating poverty by supplying credit for productive poor and giving them opportunity to save; thereby ascertaining access to finance.

Thus, this study is primarily aimed to identify the root causes of aforementioned problems, and to recommend subsequent measures to be taken.

In particular it found that women entrepreneurs had: The proposal should be interesting, relevant and touch upon the methods and expectations on the research in order to make the project look logical and well-structured. Finally, there are private and state microfinance institutions, which differ according to the type of capital and ownership.

These institutions observe small business and its development form the point of view of two aspects — economical and social.

As result, the importance of micro finance for poverty reduction has got momentum in the policy agenda of several countries like Ethiopia. At the other end is few writers who caution against such optimism and point out to the negative impacts that MFIs have on economic women empowerment i.

However when Micro Finance in particular the client based ones sought financial support from the International donor community, the response by the donor community has been generous and since then these MFIs have in terms of their source of funding become donor-oriented.

Challenges and Prospects of the Ethiopian Microfinance Sector

This has given due consideration to efforts and programs directed at the economic empowerment of women through the formation of organizations such as Maendeleo Ya Wanawake and Kenya Women Finance Bank Kenya bureau of statistics, Countries may show high average growth rate, but in most countries the question of equitable distribution of income remains unanswered.

This is because they serve economically and socially deprived groups of the society; they play not only financial intermediation role but also consultancy role in entrepreneurial skills; personal financial management and business plan development.RESEARCH PROPOSAL SAMPLE on Women Empowerment and Micro Finance - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

ISSN (Paper) ISSN (Online) Vol.6, No, Ethiopia. A survey research design was adopted and relevant data for the study were collected from officials of Amhara credit and saving institution through questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were employed for analyzing Microfinance in Ethiopia.

International Conference on Rural Finance Research: Moving Results into Policies and Practice Moving Results into Policies and Practice FAO Headquarters Rome, Italy March Impact Assessment of the Microfinance Programme.

pages. impact of microfinance on poverty reduction in ethiopia. uploaded by. The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) was established in June as a non-profit non-governmental organization after its legal registration by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice.

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Research paper on microfinance in ethiopia
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