Segmentation targeting and positioning of tata nano

Big Bazaar reaped huge benefits in this expansion of organized retail in the country. A Behavioural Analysis 2nd edition. Their target customers are those who are extremely price conscious and have low latitude of acceptability. Ray Ban and Police Sunglasses cater to the premium segment while Vintage or Fastrack sunglasses target the middle income group.

Generally Tata Motors follow the marketing segmentation concept and they have succeeded which already prevails in the history. Market Segmentation refers to the process of creation of small groups segments within a large market to bring together consumers who have similar requirements, needs and interests.

In simpler words market segmentation can also be called as Grouping. Targeting and positioning strategy of Tata Nano and recommendations for the company are given.

Targeting Once the marketer creates different segments within the market, he then devises various marketing strategies and promotional schemes according to the tastes of the individuals of particular segment.

Kids form one segment; males can be part of a similar segment while females form another segment. Positioning helps organizations to create a perception of the products in the minds of target audience. STP has since then become the cornerstone of many companies looking to launch a new product or re-define their product lines.

Each of their brands has been targeted well amongst the Segmentation targeting and positioning of tata nano market segments. It seems the lower income masses of India do not want the stigma of owning the cheapest car in the world.

P - Positioning The first step in the process of product promotion is Segmentation The division of a broad market into small segments comprising of individuals who think on the same lines and show inclination towards similar products and brands is called Market Segmentation.

They wanted to attract consumers who hitherto went to local kirana stores for their daily purchases. Once market segments are created, organization then targets them.

Under each region, age and income play an important role in determining the extent of mobile usage. Many of them interviewed say they will stretch their budget while making a purchase just so that they do not have to say they have the Nano.

Once the organization decides on its target market, it strives hard to create an image of its product in the minds of the consumers.

With the entry of Reliance in retail and the pending legislation on FDI in multi brand retail, it faces tough competition ahead. The individuals in a particular segment respond to similar market fluctuations and require identical products.

As Nano will be the first car of many customers there will be a possibility of customers to follow Tata Motors if they have a good value for money product and good customer relationship management.

Segmentation Targeting & Positioning-Defining Product Lines

Most of the brands do not operate within the same segment. Tata Nano is well positioned which will be doing a marketing for the entire Tata Motors. Moreover Tata is also got a wide range of cars which are durable and better quality which suits Indian roads.

When more number of people falls in the same category. In very small businesses and brands this strategy will not work and it is not possible. Marketing Segmentation for Tata Nano: Even though there are many products from Tata Motors an interesting case of Tata Nano is discussed further.

Difference between Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

The marketing segmentation concept is a good strategy in marketing but not applicable for all industries, services or products. In vowing middle class customers from all segments, Big Bazaar lost out on the very important segment of upper class customers, which provide the maximum revenue to any business, due to the high premium on high class goods.

Heading to the marketing segmentation of Tata Nano is quite interesting. To persuade the customers, Big Bazaar incorporated elements of the bazaar experience into its stores. Contents Market Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting: Garnier offers wide range of merchandise for both men and women.

Industry wise they target the two wheeler industry, three wheeler industry which are more costly than nanopublic transports as well to an extent. With such an attempt, Tata tried to target the lower end two wheeler driving population, expecting them to upgrade to the next available option.

Certain brands cannot fit into a particular segment which is a drawback to this strategy. It has segmented the market into classes depending on lifecycle and the social class mainly. According to Howard and Shethp.

As observed from the examples above, a correctly used STP model leads to a sustainable model of success.Marketing Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Essay Words | 6 Pages Marketing Segmentation of Tata Nano in India and Its Targeting and Positioning Strategy.

Marketing Segmentation of Tata Nano in India and Its Targeting and Positioning Strategy. Contents Market Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting: A case of Tata Nano in India EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Targeting and positioning strategy of Tata Nano and recommendations for the company are given.

Search Results for 'marketing segmentation and positioning of tata nano' Market Segmentation, Targeting & Position Market Segmentation, Targeting & Position Course Name College Name May 28, The company Apple is a highly.

Tata Nano SWOT analysis is covered on this page along with USP & competition. It also includes Tata Nano's segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP) along with tagline & slogan.

Segmentation Targeting & Positioning-Defining Product Lines Posted in Marketing & Strategy Articles, Total Reads:The final stage, “positioning”, refers to the implementation plan adopted by the company to differentiate its product in the selected segment and use marketing effectively to promote it.


Segmentation targeting and positioning of tata nano
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