Social networks can do more harm than good what do you think any why

The topic for our debate is that social networking sites do more harm than good. It is what we decide to share on social media that determines what gets attention. You could just not use your real name.

Every year there are countless stories about cyber bullying. I feel as though once it reaches a set number of reports it should be taken down immediately. If this is started by personal choice within communities, it can impact change.

But these too are illogical complaints. Our first speaker has explained the negative effects social networking sites can have on individuals emotionally, physically and mentally. This soon becomes an addiction based on dependency. And in older times, when communities were smaller, they would ask around the town for information.

I believe this deserves more public awareness. This is not the fault of social networking sites My opponent seems to think that the actions of third parties can somehow justify attacking social networking websites.

Indeed, the only difference between a social networking site and a gathering of friends in a public space is that using the website makes it easier to connect!

Teachers should take the time to educate their students about the consequences of harassing others online. Some people spend twice that amount of time on social media. So I keep posting, sharing, tweeting, and liking. While, there is no logical reason to harass another via social media, it should still be addressed to prevent future cases.

There are no new laws that can accomplish this, but solely putting effort into teaching young individuals about it, can successfully implement a standard to live by. There are many organizations that promote anti-cyber bullying with ads and projects.

The issues on social media that never get resolved only develop into greater problems for the future.

Do you really have 87, "followers" on Twitter who respond when you suggest they take action? Indeed, the very idea is preposterous. Like with the issue above with employment, all these websites do is make getting the information easier. I believe for as long as the Internet exists, rumors will always be a part of it.

But it has to stop. All these websites do is give employers another potential source of information about you. Another way to address cyber bullying is through continued public awareness, which is used today.

So let us put forth a strong definition to fit the topic. This is actually what I do with my Facebook. You may get the stimulation of new ideas, but executing them becomes another matter.

I will be blunt, it is asinine to propose that something which facilitates communication between human beings could somehow be more harmful than good. One issue with social media is how dependent users have become. Are you on the bus?I am here to affirm and convince that "Social Networking is Causing More Harm than Good" in today's society.

Social networking websites such as popular Facebook and Twitter cause issues with occupations and careers, relationships and marriages, education of our future leaders, and a total breakdown in communication. Do social networking websites cause more harm than good?

- It can cause people to be more social. what we think: we think that social networking is alright as long as you are aware of what site you are using. the debate: does social networking cause more harm than good?

here are the good things, and the bad things about social networking. Some people spend twice that amount of time on social media. Think what they could create, build, give, or learn with that time. 6 Ways Social Media Is Doing More Harm Than Good.

ABOUT US. Has the creation of social media platforms done more harm than good for society? Ask New Question Alicia Ouyang, studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology ().

Can Social Media Do More Harm Than Good? In this day and age, social media has become an outlet that has impacted our generation. It provides users with service that continues to evolve and exceed expectations. Social media does more harm than good.

59% Say Yes 41% Say No More of A weapon than social network. The social networks like Twitter, Facebook, instragram and all those other social networks, all have one thing in common and that is cyberbullying.

I personally think that they do more good than bad but i DEFINITELY respect anyone .

Social networks can do more harm than good what do you think any why
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