The chronicles of vladimir tod ninth grade slays book report

Why would anybody with a brain wake up and think, "gee, I wonder where that darn vampire is. Now, there is one scene, where Vlad goes to the cemetary to visit his parents grave. The plot, as far as I can tell, is that he goes to Siberia with his Uncle Otis more on him later to be taught the vampire ways by an ancient vampire named Vikas who demenstrates surprisingly little wisdom, might I add for a week.

It got more complex every time. Be a decent character? Brewer spends a total of twenty MORE pages filled with MORE vamp angst, cheesy dialogue and bland plot twists that anyone with half an eyeball could of seen coming.

I kept glancing back at the previous pages to see if Vladimir actually said something admirable, but no. Recently, I found the second on sale and picked it up. For those who did read it, you all know what I mean.

It was cute, not terrible, but not amazing, either. Had he not been crying the rest of the book about something or another. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: I love this conflict, because it makes Vlad more believable. I needed a book, see.

The cemetary was overgrown with weeds and dead ivy, and moss hung from the tree trunks. Shortly after returning from Siberia and to school, Joss decides to let Vlad in on his secret, that he is a Slayer and has been sent to Bathory to kill a vampire.

Vlad is borderline obsessed with Otis, and they give no indication of how this came to be. At least for me he was. Vlad is a great vampire character, hell a great main character overall. Vampire lovers Recommended to Laurel by: When he did, his voice was tense. It was a thin, titless cover on display beside a Twilight counter.

I already love ya, Brewer. My awesome sister Shelves: So what does he do? It had felt like an eternity. So that leaves us with a lot of time on our hands. Six days of almost constant pain. While Vlad is in the hospital Joss visits him and tells him that their friendship is over and leaves.

Not that it was all bad, of course. First off, I had put down this book a while back.

I thought you trusted Vikas to teach me. Brewer also makes great references to horror works the two huge examples being the town of Stokerton, and a character by the name of Edgar Poe, Eddie for short. Picking it up, flipping through it, I decided I could read this in an hour, flat.

There is, however, some lovely decription at the cemetary, which eased the pain a bit: Vlad tells Joss about this and he agrees to help look for the vampire that attacked Vlad, together. As they work their way through their Freshman year of high school Joss and Vlad become close friends.

They are going to feast on humans, they are going to burn in the sun, and they are pale, imposing figures with fangs that reek with awesomeness. Again, this is pages in in a page book. After a point, the water works are just ridiculous.The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays By: Heather Brewer Date of Publication: Setting The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Ninth Grade Slays takes place in Bathory and in Siberia, Russia.

While in Bathory the story takes place at Bathory High School, Nelly's house, and Henry's house. "Tenth Grade Bleeds" is the third book in the series "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod". Vlad is now in tenth grade, and he is starting to experience the many struggles that come with high school/5.

The second book of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series was certainly no disappointment! Ninth Grade Slays has more blood, more vampires, more girls, and best, more pages!

If you were a fan of Eighth Grade Bites, you certainly won't be disappointed by Ninth Grade Slays. Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Book 1) Paperback – March 13, by Heather Brewer (Author)/5(). The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. NINTH GRADE SLAYS By: Heather Brewer You’d Be Murdering a Friend.

You Wouldn’t Be Killing a Monster.

Tenth Grade Bleeds

Please. This is a pretty big step down from the first Chronicles of Vladimir Tod book. It wasn't as absorbing. It kept going and going. If the 2nd book was the 1st, I wouldn't continue reading the series. I'm just hoping it gets better after this.

Ninth Grade Slays

I liked how Vlad met with a teacher in Siberia.

The chronicles of vladimir tod ninth grade slays book report
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