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She thinks, however, that she must concern herself with the appointed hour to which the note refers. As well, they have noted the author demonstrates great skill in building tension steadily until the climax of the final sentences.

The Demon Lover Summary

Kathleen Drover has returned to London from her house in the country in order to pick up some The demon lover essay from the house that she and her husband abandoned because of the bombing of London by the Germans during She is frightened not only by the message but also by the mysterious means by which it has found its way to her, by the fact that her every action may have been observed by an unknown person.

Drover leaves the house to hail a taxi. Overcome with dread at the thought of confronting her former lover alive or otherwiseMrs. Her most vivid remembrance of him, however, is tactile—the feel of the brass button of his uniform against her hand—and she looks to see if the imprint of it is still on her palm.

Such tales often tell of a young woman who, having pledged eternal love to a soldier departing for war, marries another when her lover does not return. Drover, returns to her London home, which had been vacated during the bombing of the city by Germany.

Seeing a letter on the hall table, she is annoyed that it has not been forwarded to her by either the postal service or the caretaker. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In "The Demon Lover" the protagonist, Mrs.

Not easily resolved, "The Demon Lover" also supports explication as a thriller; according to this interpretation, the soldier survived the war and has come back to terrorize Mrs. As the cab pulls away with Mrs.

More essays like this: However, for years no suitors had presented themselves. The Demon Lover Summary Mrs. The sender states that he is sure that, even though Kathleen has left London, she will keep the rendezvous.

In earlier times, societies relied on stories of the demon lover variety to encourage women to remain true to men off at war. But she picks up the letter and takes it upstairs to her bedroom to read it, just moments before rain begins to fall.

She opens the door of the closed house and is immediately aware of the dead air that greets her. It is a humid day in late August when she goes back to her mostly deserted street. Unfaithful to her lover, Mrs. Bowen does not reveal exactly what Mrs. Drover saw, but many readers are inclined to believe it was the visage of her dead lover.

While making her preparations to leave the house, Kathleen examines and then dismisses the notion of supernatural intervention in her present life. Many believe it to be about a psychological breakdown, while others contend that it is a ghost story.

The brief message, signed K. She leaves the house, walks quickly to the cab rank, enters the taxi, and realizes that it has turned back toward the house without her having given directions.

Critics often disagree, however, about the nature of the story. The letter recalls a meeting that they had arranged long ago for this very evening.

See also, Elizabeth Bowen Criticism. Set in London during World War II, it revolves around the haunting of a married middle-aged woman by the ghost of a sweetheart from her youth, a man presumed to have been killed in the First World War twenty-five years earlier.

As she is passing her hall table, she notices a letter addressed to her—a strange. When she enters the house, she sees all of the telltale stains and dust left when she and her family moved out.

She notes that the letter has no stamps on it and wonders how it could have made its way there because the caretaker has, ostensibly, been away for several weeks. Bowen herself worked as an air-raid warden while living in London during World War II, and as a whole the fiction of The Demon Lover, and Other Stories deals with the fear, stress, and grief suffered by inhabitants of London at that time.

She soon notices that the humid air outside has given way to rain.Free Essay: In "The Demon Lover," by Elizabeth Bowen, Kathleen Drover returns to London from her house in the country in order to gather some.

Elizabeth Bowen's “The Demon Lover” is a short mystery story that depicts the cryptic moments leading up to the murder of Mrs.

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”The Demon Lover” by Elizabeth Bowen Essay Sample

Get started now! The Demon Lover and Other Stories by Elizabeth Bowen was first published in Britain in Inthe collection was published in the United States.

The Demon Lover essaysThe narrating voice for The Demon Lover is of the third person outside the fictional world. However, the point of view is inside the fictional world as the narrator is telling the reader about the thoughts in Mrs. Drovers mind. This is demonstrated in the line (3rd paragraph.

In the lover's last meeting in "The Demon Lover", there is a foreshadowing a sinister or threatening reunion. The flashback in this sinister short story provides several details that should cause the reader to predict a terrifying ending for Mrs.


The demon lover essay
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