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Click the blue Add Box button. My old site had gone completely, only replaced by a blank page with a box with an Edit button in the lower left corner. Hesham Zebida Thanks Richard, I appreciate your trust. Thanks for the review.

Thesis theme 0 features & Thesis 0 release date

A Thesis 2 box is just a zip file with a box. Once you have created box. It overrides translate function, to specify the title and name of the box. So again, to create a Thesis 2. Really, you can insert any chunk of html you can dream up. I installed it pretty much straight away when it became available, and despite NO guidance from the developer attempted to install it anyway.

DRG Thesis, the best theme ever seen: It appears that I may be seeing what Chris was promising. Whither you go with Thesis or Stick to Headway both are good frameworksjust make sure your theme has what you need.

Trust me once you get it, it is simply an amazing theme, boxes and packages are on there way, I already made one and more to come, my feature box on my site will be turned in to a box with skins.

Place these styles in your custom. Went back to the old version. Hi all, i also like to share my feeling related to thesis 2. Save your post, and if you are displaying Teasers anywhere on your site, you should notice the thumbnails appearing next to the teaser text already.

Never did like Thesis, but I thought I would give them another go with this new update. If this is not what you want e. Then retrieve the custom field data and display it in the byline: Follow the next step carefully.

I like everything I see. Watch out this space for a tutorial on creating packages tomorrow. First thing is that, the whole layout is too confusing to me and secondly their is almost no tutorial on thesis 2.

I will have to wait for some helpful documentation before I can do much with the program but I feel optimistic that it may just be what I was looking for! Note, however, that a two-column layout for the content column is not ideal for most site designs — in short, skimming non-linear content is more difficult for your visitors.Thesis Tutorial - How to Remove the WP-Admin Link on Homepage.

Click on Home, Click to Edit, expand footer section, remove wp admin link, save page template. TillThesis Theme (DIYThemes) was the best WordPress theme. It seemed more promising when Thesis was released.

But it came with no proper documentation. A lot of existing users failed to migrate to the new version.

Thesis 0 Tutorial – How to Remove the WP-Admin Link on Homepage

Moreover, the Thesis was conflicting with every new WordPress updates. That's why it lost its reputation. 2 0 1 1, A u g u s t 2 7 R e v i s e d o n M a r c h 2 5, 2 0 1 3 LAYOUT AND GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A THESIS/DISSERTATION This section discusses requirements for the general layout of your manuscript, the order of front and back matter, and page numbering.

See the Sample Pages located at the end for additional information. Make Two-Column Teasers Using the Query Box This User Guide entry was originally written for Thesis. In Thesisthis tutorial is recommended only for those using a Static Front Page.

Applies to - Thesis The next thing we're going to do is install a couple of plugins to help us with this organization. So we're going to come over here to the dashboard go to plugins and add new.

Thesis 0 Review

Oct 14,  · Thesis Creating a Secondary Nav Menu EbizHacker. - Learn how easy it is to add a secondary navigation menu to your website design using Thesis 's powerful new template editor and.

Thesis 2.0 pagination
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