Three items bring you deserted island teacher found quite

Vincent and the Grenadines. More importantly, he can climb that coconut tree. This is why I would need match sticks. Sorry for straying away from the topic at hand.

So a satellite phone is what I would need next. However, meat needs cooking and therefore fire becomes quintessential. Loneliness would drive him insane.

So rubbing stones against each other might not kindle a flame. Imagine barbecuing under the wide open starry skies! I had sneaked my kindle in my pocket and I am reading Orhan Pamuk beside the campfire we made.

It can be a long way between farms up here. Practical Items to Have on a Deserted Island If you were ever really stranded on a deserted island, you might want to have a few things along with you. The protective shirt and pants would help minimize bug bites, and protect me from the worst of the sun.

My music policy is that if at some point I might be in a mood to listen to the song, then I should have it on my iPod. I would be burning it outside our little abode to drive away wild beasts as well. The top item on my list would be Mike Holmes and his crew, from the hit home renovation show, Holmes on Homes.

He can fight the storm and spear a wild hog. Now I want you to come on board with me. I think we will all learn to laugh at our funny hairdos and mommy paunches one day. The Triage app might save my life, who knows? Being out on the lake enjoying the beautiful, sunny day with a huge blue sky above my head and the sounds of lapping water and birds chirping, just made me feel so peaceful.

Also, despite being a very selfish desire, I would not and I cannot be without being a mother to my toddler. Any northerner can tell you that you should always have a blanket, a roadside emergency litand extra winter clothes stowed in your trunk when you hit the roads up our way - especially in the winter.

Attaching one of the knives to a length of bamboo, or a straight branch would create a dandy fishing spear, and a sharpened and fire-hardened pole would make a useful medium range defensive weapon.

A far more practical addition to my supplies would be a flint and steel in a waterproof container. Besides, rifles are noisy. I can make calls to rescue operations or for emergency supplies. Who are we kidding here, eh?

Question was asked:

But what if I like the place and decide to stay a bit longer to do some soul searching? The last thing on my list, but probably one of the most important, is a supply of water-proof matches, or a lighter and lighter fluid.

Killer Interview Question: What Would You Take To A Desert Island?

The Phantom of the Opera might be followed by the Backstreet Boys. I would be happy to compromise on some UV protective long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and a pair of sturdy hiking boots. Even in the summer, everybody carries a roadside emergency kit.

An idyllic tropical resort hideaway, situated near the southern tip of St. Mobile phones might get switched off or can fall into the water and of course lose signal.

what 3 items would you bring with you to a deserted island?

It will make the answer very genuine and unique. To those of you in school, I hope you have a great day with your kiddos.If you were stranded on a deserted island and had the option to bring another person with you, would you do it?

If you were stranded on a desert island with one kind of sausage, what would it be? If you would be isolated on an island and given the chance to bring 3 things, what would they be?

Apr 08,  · 3 Things on a Deserted Island Happy Monday! This week the topic is what three things you would bring with you if you were stranded on a deserted island. Here's mine: 1. Just found you through the linky party!

Misty Think, Wonder, & Teach. Reply Delete. Add Compassionate Teacher. So when you are a mommy, getting stuck on a deserted island ever so ‘once-in-a-while’ might actually be a good thing. A breather in fact! Yeah, so let’s read about the three things that I would wish I had with me, if I were to get stuck on a deserted island- from a mother’s perspective.

Sep 13,  · Practical Items to Have on a Deserted Island If you were ever really stranded on a deserted island, you might want to have a few things along with you. Actually, you would probably like to have lots of things along with you, as well as a few friends to keep you mint-body.coms: Home Essays What three items to bring What three items to bring with you on a deserted island, teacher found it quite humerous, its very long.

Topics: Branch Our personalities are quite similar, so we are very good friends, and we keep no secrets from each other. Our family likes to travel, but this year my parents are busy, and Rosely.


If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 items with you to survive, what would they be? We’ve all heard the age old question asked and possibly even thought our clever solutions were the “Bee’s Knees.”.

Three items bring you deserted island teacher found quite
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