Using parentheses in formal writing abbreviations

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Do not use an abbreviated form in your signature block. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has improved its troubleshooting protocols significantly in the last five years see illustration 2.

Ask yourself these questions each time you consider using a particular abbreviation: In formal academic prose it is considered bad form to abbreviate words simply to save space, time, or energy. Major scientific style guides and The Chicago Manual of Style currently omit periods in capitalized abbreviations: Do not add an apostrophe.

The following is as comprehensive a list as of parenthetical uses as I could come up with.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

What is an abbreviation? Typically, do not abbreviate geographic names and countries in text i. Can I use abbreviations in the abstract? Three elements to a story include a characters, b setting, and c plot. We use periods for most lower-case abbreviations such as e.

The Chicago Manual of Style suggests this general rule: On the other hand, some abbreviations never use a period; for example, state postal abbreviations like NY, CA, and TX. Avoid using abbreviations in the title of a paper.

Should I have to guess or do Internet research to avoid remaining ignorant? In long documents, even when you define an acronym or abbreviation at first use, it can be difficult to find the sentence in which the term was spelled out, and readers are likely to become frustrated trying to go back and find the identifying sentence several pages or chapters later.

Courses such as econ for economics or poli sci for political science.Abbreviations are perfectly OK in personal and casual writing—they're often OK in formal writing too. You might want to ask your boss or your teacher if you're unsure. Using acronyms. Avoid using abbreviations in the title of a paper.

Writing out the full term in the title will ensure potential readers know exactly what you mean, and if your article is. How and When to Use Parentheses. Your use of parentheses would be odd for a formal paper (I'd suggest writing an extra sentence to elaborate on the fact that you were hiking INTO the area instead of the assumed UP), but for informal writing (like a comment on Facebook or a blog post) it does work.

Acronyms and abbreviations are not the.

Abbreviations in Business Correspondence

In most formal prose, we do not use titles, abbreviated or otherwise, with individuals. Ms. you would use these abbreviations only in technical writing.

There is a space between the number and the abbreviation. Do not use state abbreviations simply to save time or space except in an address on an envelope or list. We do not use periods. Simple Rules for Acronyms in Essays. five clients asked me questions about acronyms in essay writing.

I didn’t realize how many rules there are! Here’s a quick summary to help you out. write the acronyms in full followed by the acronym in brackets. Thereafter, use only the acronym.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB. Download the Writing Roundabout eBook to understand the challenges involved in planning, drafting, revising, and editing your academic writing. IV. Using APA Style in Academic Writing: Abbreviations .

Using parentheses in formal writing abbreviations
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