Writing a date in roman numerals

If one visits the Wikipedia page on Arabic Numeralsit is quite clear that clocks using Arabic Numerals have existed since the s, but again, there is no authoritative evidence that by x year, people started mostly using Arabic Numerals.

But leave the div alone. The best one can do is estimate when doing such a thing began to go out of fashion. In other words, how would I write January 14, in Roman numerals?

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January XII or both or some other way? The Wikipedia article also suggests this, stating that In the 14th century, Roman numerals were largely abandoned in favor of Arabic numerals; however, they are still used to this day for things such as numbered lists or outlines, clock faces, numbering of pages preceding the main body of a book, successive political leaders or people with identical names, chords in music, some copyright dates, and the numbering of certain annual events.

Sorry - I took so long to hit "post" that I become redundant. On this siteit is very clear that Arabic numerals began to be used in s.

How to Write Dates in Roman Numerals?

Ian Feb 14 For example, here is a link of a clock using Roman Numerals. However, this link would suggest that they are still being used today on clocks and dates etc. There used to be a custom, which my mother born used to follow, of writing dates in lower-case Roman numerals, Today BrE date format would be xiv.

I thought it might be amusing sending people letters and stuff dated with roman numerals. Feb 14 However, this link appears to be the best source I can find, and it indicates that Arabic Numerals have been commonly used as the hour even since the s.

It was obviously to make it less obvious to the public how many repeats they were showing, but they offered some utterly spurious reason. Just glancing at them, one can see the majority of them use Roman Numerals.

On the other hand, you are asking for clock dates, which is rather more specific and narrow, and I could not find an answer to such. A mediaeval accountant might write "xiiij".

Check out our list of pronunciation videos. The official way of writing dates in parts of Eastern Europe the parts I know of were Bulgaria and the According to this sitewhich may not be as credible, the Roman numerals began to go out of fashion commonly from the s to the s.

However, this is only the case with longcase clocks grandfather clocksand is probably not your wall clock. The official way of writing dates in parts of Eastern Europe the parts I know of were Bulgaria and the Soviet Union was very similar - the month was in Roman numerals.

However, there is not one authoritative source on this information, so this is mostly based on information on clock numbers. Assuming dating relating to clocks First of all, there probably still are clocks made with Roman numerals or what not these days.

All official documentation both hand-written and typed hadthe dates in that format. However, as is emphasized, on official documents and whatnot, Roman numerals were still used on date until very recently.

If you visit the main page of the site, and click on the clocks tab, it lets you see various older clocks. Ian Try out our live chat room. Usually, though, I write it in full: Dates on clocks would probably fit in the category of later used Roman numerals.

Since this source is slightly more credible than WikiAnswers, I will go with this. Thus, Roman numerals are still in use today, although not commonly.

Assuming dating in general According to this linkRoman numerals have been out of use mathematically for years, but not in years.Feb 16,  · = MCMXCIX. 14 = XIIII. Are you supposed to write dates in Roman numerals in the same order that you write the day, year and month in America (month, date.

You see that a Roman numeral, for 'three', has finally appeared in the date! 25 December, in Roman counting, is eight days before the Kalends of January.

It would thus be written ante diem octem Kalendas Ianuarias, or a.d.

Roman numerals date converter

VIII Kal. Ian. I'm writing this on 4 November.

Roman Numeral Date Converter

That's the day before the nones of November, or pridie Nonas Novembres. TopRoman numerals are some of the special methods of expressing the mathematical numbers in the special group of mint-body.com say that the roman numbers can be expressed in the form of some special symbols which are picked from the english alphabets.

When we need to write the date in the form of roman numerals, we need to know the roman representation of the numbers. Feb 14,  · Usually, though, I write it in full: 14 February The official way of writing dates in parts of Eastern Europe (the parts I know of were Bulgaria and the Soviet Union) was very similar - the month was in Roman numerals.

Today's date would be written as II All official documentation (both hand-written and typed) hadthe. Nov 27,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: When writing a date in roman numerals, do you put the month or the day first? I am getting a Status: Resolved. Date to roman numerals conversion calculator.

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Writing a date in roman numerals
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