Yin and yang the theory of opposite forces

Each provides a point of comparison among alternatives. The normal, healthy, functional, durable existence of everything in Nature depends on the mutual enhancement and beneficial interaction of opposite forces.

We cannot preserve the status quo and still have change for the better. This is because I have recently started to revamp the whole website so as to reflect a more current perspective on the interpretation of some of the fundamental concepts as well as to include some of the latest information in the area.

Pangu set about the task of creating the world: The ancient Greeks call the concept of a balancing point as stasis. We make progress, not by fighting the current balance of forces, but by leveraging these forces to advance our position.

However, from the larger perspective, the balance of Nature is always maintained. Yang is the more active and loud. Just as Douglas Hoff put it when he explained about accupuncture, "The systems of TCM uses the concepts of elements and meridians and are completely immersed in the Asian cosmology which takes shape through the religions.

The body can only resist within a narrow range of temperature, atmospheric pressure, oxygen content of the air etc. The yin-yang aspects are in dynamic equilibrium. Yin and yang thus are always opposite and equal qualities. Scholars have proposed various explanations for why yinyang violates this pattern, including "linguistic convenience" it is easier to say yinyang than yangyinthe idea that "proto-Chinese society was matriarchal", or perhaps, since yinyang first became prominent during the late Warring States period, this term was "purposely directed at challenging persistent cultural assumptions".

For example, our world is changing as the balance between production and competition is shifting in the current era, making the world more competitive than it was a generation ago.

As the sun moves across the sky, yin and yang gradually trade places with each other, revealing what was obscured and obscuring what was revealed. For example, some people look at situations and see problems. Taijitu The principle of yin and yang is represented in Taoism by the Taijitu literally "Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate ".

Symbolism and importance[ edit ] Yin is the black side with the white dot in it, and yang is the white side with the black dot in it.

The Theory of Yin and Yang: the Duality of Balance

The greater the similarity the greater the repulsion. The relative positions and numbers of yin and yang lines within the trigrams determines the meaning of a trigram, and in hexagrams the upper trigram is considered yang with respect to the lower trigram, yin, which allows for complex depictions of interrelations.

Nothing should be rejected. Each Yang factor can be further subdivided into a pair of Yin-Yang factors ad infinitum. Also, the growth of the top seeks light, while roots grow in darkness. Thus, a seed will sprout from the earth and grow upwards towards the sky—an intrinsically yang movement.

The only way to get beyond them is the "dialectic" of seeing the deeper truth that resolves an apparent conflict. Yin and Yang are the basic idea from which the bagua ba- eight, gua- area and the trigrams and hexagrams were developed.

This is why in order to thoroughly understand the concepts behind TCM, one must be comprehensive in learning and embracing the Chinese culture as a whole. The field of working knowledge of TCM stretches from anything related to general healthcare practice to the philosophy of the mind, the logic of life, religion, and even to as far as cosmology and astronumerology.

In seeing the balance of the forces in competition, we avoid the mistake of seeing one half of the system as good and the other opposing half as bad. Birth is followed eventually by death; economic boom by recession; conquest of nature by pollution and degradation of resources.

The symbol consists of a circle, divided by a curved line into a black yin and white yang side.

Complementary Opposites: The Levers of Competition ~

Then, when it reaches its full potential height, it will fall. Any substance may be used as a medicine, depending on the dosage any substance may be regarded as food, medicine or poison, at the appropriate dosage. Excess of yang will likewise damage yin qi and lead to a heat disease being developed.Yin and Yang Theory.

it is considered a changing from yin to yang. These forces are opposite and yet complementary, and share an interdependent relationship ­ without yin, there would be no yang, and without yang, no yin.

Yang is generally associated with items or concepts that are bright, warm, and in motion. The Yin-Yang theory is concerned with: a) The differentiation of opposite factors in any given system b) The relationships which exist between these opposite factors.

Complementary Opposites: The Levers of Competition ~ which Sun Tzu based on the Chinese philosophy of yin-yang. At the heart of Sun Tzu's strategic system of comparing positions are two ideas. First, strategic positions arise in an environment of natural balancing forces in a temporary dynamic equilibrium.

Seemingly opposite forces. The Yin-Yang Theory describes how every naturally occurring event has equal and opposite forces. Think about it! Night turns to day, right is relative to left, up is the opposite of down, and so on.

Yin and yang are basically the meaning of opposite factors. There are two basic concepts associated with the theory of yin and yang: The difference of opposite factors in. Yin and Yang Theory Although they are totally different—opposite—in their individual qualities and nature, they are interdependent.

Yin & Yang

Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. First, the theory of Yin-Yang tells us that at the macro level—the largest scale imaginable—all things are always balancing and.

Yin and yang the theory of opposite forces
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