Youth and terrorism

LeT should be banned and condemned by the whole world. It should be taken away from the Pakistanis. Conclusion The ability of the terrorists to identify, indoctrinate, recruit and utilise youths for political violence has been both systematic and widespread.

The strength of the youth can be assessed by the havoc they create. And the evil inside them is at the peak during their youth. It is only by understanding the realities on the ground and taking proactive, preventive and resourceful steps, will we be able to meet and address this challenge.

The RSM is alleged to have conducted the Superferry 14 bombing on 27 Februarythe worst maritime terrorist attack to-date.

This youth which has gotten it into its malleable brain that the whole world is its enemy and its only friend is the Lakshar-e-toiba or the ISI or some other militant training body of such type.

It is quite possible, that the next battlefield in the struggle against terrorism will not take place on a physical plane but in the mental and emotional domains of the youth.

In the case of Pakistan, 92, prisoners share 41, prison places with little or no distinction being made between juvenile and adult or minor offenders, hardened criminals and politically motivated militants. Because their sinews are the strongest then, their hearts beat firmly against their ribcages.

So we can say it is not in the nurture but the fault of nature. And who is making it unsafe? Hence, terror detainees who are not physically separated from other criminals and in particular the younger offenders have used the time and both physical and ideological space given, to recruit and indoctrinate potential youths into their groups.

With their strength they could have achieved anything! This has been made possible due to the simple fact that youths and the Internet in this day and age are so closely intertwined. When there are few opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty, perceived or real, injustice and despair, there is a greater tolerance for violence.

Their psychology is different now. The statistics are grim. The Mumbai attacks in that left civilians and security personnel dead was a series of ten coordinated attacks orchestrated by ten individuals. The definition for who a youth is, varies among countries.

Its ability to regenerate itself over time has been largely credited to its very own youth organisation, Jarrai-Haika-Segi.

It is significant to note that the alleged perpetrator of the act was Redento Cain Dellosa, who was only in his mid during the incident.UNODC's Executive Director is calling for greater efforts to tackle links between crime and terrorism and for increased advocacy among youth.

Youth Coalition Against Terrorism - YOCAT. 1, likes. YOCAT Youth and terrorism a volunteer-based youth-led organization working to promote a culture of peace and. Young people are prime targets of extremist recruiters but they can also play leadership roles in fighting terrorism and creating greater opportunities for all, said speakers at a United Nations forum on Thursday called ‘Investing in Youth to Counter Terrorism.’.

Follow @DrALoCicero Alice LoCicero. Alice LoCicero is a psychologist whose current focus is on youth and conflict. She was the first president of. Youth and Terrorism [email protected] August 17, Society 0 comments.

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop so the saying goes. The youth of today has no work to do. It’s an age of recession and desperate for money they do whatever pays and what pays the most often makes you pay too. Youth, the most memorable time of a person’s life.

Thomas Koruth Samuel ABSTRACT. While there is a great deal of debate on what constitutes terrorism and who is a terrorist, there is little doubt that youths are beginning to play a significant role in this particular arena.

Youth and terrorism
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